Do You Know the Difference between Lemon and Lime?

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Lemons and limes are two similar tropical fruits with a similar taste, shape, and nutritional value; however they are not the same fruit, as some people think. In fact, lemons have a more sour taste whereas limes can be sweet or bitter.

They have other differences that we explained in the list presented below.

The Main Differences between Lemons and Limes

  • Limes are better for cocktails because they have a more bitter taste than lemons
  • Limes have a lower pH and are therefore more acidic in taste than lemons
  • Lemon juice has a pH between 2.00 and 2.60, whereas the juice of lime has a pH between 2.00 and 2.35
  • Lime contains more carbs and less protein in comparison to lemon
  • Lemons have an oval shape whereas limes are round
  • Limes have 29 mg of vitamin C and lemons 53 mg
  • Limes are rich in vitamin A while lemons are abundant in folic acid and potassium
  • Though they are acidic in taste, they have an alkaline pH and both fruits have limonoids that fight off cancerous cells
  • Lemons and limes can be very effective in removing inflammatory toxins and in treating diabetes and cancer

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